A no-nonsense solution for FAQs

Reduce the burden of frequently asked questions with a Q&A tool that is optimized for simple authoring, knowledge-capture and fast search.


"Obie has allowed our team to upload close to 5000 FAQs that are available to all of our specialists within 5-7 seconds anytime they ask Obie a question."

"If a new FAQ is presented, it's extremely quick to add more to the knowledge base."

"Obie helps us get information fast to our customers. Instead of having to come up with a response to frequently asked questions every time, we have pre-written responses in Obie. It also helps us store helpful resources for ourselves and our customers that we can pull up quickly."

Manage FAQs, at scale.

Build and organize a bank of FAQs to support a single team or the entire organization.

  • Conversations create knowledge

    Turn any Slack message into knowledge base content

  • Granular Permissions

    Grant access to specific groups, departments or channels

  • Feedback Loop

    Simple voting trains Obie to make search results better

  • Content Verification

    Know exactly when a piece of content was created and validated for accuracy.

“Within the first 2 months of the system being in place, we fielded over 14,000 questions that would have gone to a team lead or a product expert.  This has saved our leaders an immense amount of time.”

Adam Maxfield, Sales Trainer at Lendio