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Installation Scopes

Ready to install Obie but have questions regarding the permissions he asks for? Please view this handy plain-English breakdown of the Slack scopes Obie requires.

Slack Scope Guide

Security Questions

Ready to install Obie but have questions regarding security? Check out the security guide for a high-level overview on how the Obie team takes security seriously.

Security Overview


/obie [your search phrase]

Type /obie from within a channel followed by a question or search query. Obie will do his best to find relevant knowledge for you.


Type help to see what Obie can do, what knowledge is accessible and how to share Obie with your team.

who, what, where, when, how

Ask a question using one of these prefixes. Search using keywords works too.

/invite @obie

Type /invite @obie in any #channel to harness his power in groups!


Type dashboard to get the url link to your team's web dashboard.


Type stop to adjust notification settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Obie is built to deploy and integrate into your existing tools and processes within minutes.

How do I use Obie?

Find Obie by searching though Apps or Direct Messages (or click the Obie icon from the browser extension). Using keywords or natural language perform a search with Obie and he’ll do his best to find you an answer or suggest a few documents that might help.

When Obie can’t find an answer or any connected knowledge, you may be able to create a request to your service desk or route that question to a colleague within Slack.

Searching Basics Getting started with Obie - Video (5 mins) Type /obie help for a list of commands

How does the Obie search work?

Without giving away trade secrets, we leverage proprietary natural language processing (NLP) technology to detect and understand questions asked. With that understanding, Obie does a real-time, intelligent federated search across all integrations and knowledge connected. Using rule-based machine learning, user meta data and some secret sauce, Obie displays relevant answers, documents and other knowledge based on a confidence threshold.

Does Obie store my data?

All data you enter into Obie remains yours, and the Obie team is committed to ensuring that your data is kept safe and confidential. Obie uniquely integrates with existing documentation without keeping a copy or clone of your information in any way. Obie does store some meta data on our servers, as well as knowledge authored in our native formats. This enables us to provide a more intelligent experience.

You can learn about our security measures and privacy policies that we have in place at Obie.

Where does Obie get his information from?

When you ask Obie questions, or Obie has detected a question within a channel that he is a member of, he will search the Obie Wiki, Obie FAQs, or any integrations that your organization has connected (see all).

When connecting Obie to an external documentation source, your information is securely accessed via API and fully managed, controlled and stored with you. We make accessing it faster and more intelligent.

How do I invite Obie to a channel?

Simply type /invite @Obie to your channel(s) of choice and perform a search just as you would in a direct message. You must start your query with /obie in channels, and these interactions are completely private.

Obie “Suggest” is available after inviting Obie to channels. Without mentioning or invoking Obie at all, he will suggest answers or relevant documentation when detecting a question to which he is confident there is something relevant to share.

How do I feed knowledge to Obie?

You can add custom responses for FAQs right within Slack using the Add FAQ button, the Add FAQ message action (found under the … menu on all Slack messages) or in the web browser via

Obie also has content authoring tools to let you build long-form knowledge and documentation within the Obie Wiki or even connect your existing documentation under Configure in the Obie dashboard.

How do I manage my integrations?

Head over to to manage integrations connected to Obie. Connect one of the 16+ out-of-the-box integrations and manage how those integrations are accessible across your workspace within Obie.

integrations is the fastest way to see the tools Obie integrates with and connect existing knowledge.

If I authorize an integration, does everyone on my team have access to all the files?

Obie respects the permissions of 3rd party integrations. Users are unable to escalate their permissions on the Obie dashboard, or any third-party platform, by interacting with Obie. Often our customers will create an Obie service account for 3rd party integrations they plan to connect with Obie. You can also specify the spaces and folders Obie can search across different channels in Slack. You can learn more about how we ensure the security of your data while in our care here.


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