• Create, search and sync Jira issues instantly from Slack messages.
  • Enable instant access to Confluence where knowledge and documentation live for Agile teams.
  • Connect Slack with all of your existing knowledge silos including Confluence, GitHub, Google Drive, and more.
  • Scale teams faster with the most seamless CI/CD workflow in Slack.

"Obie's Slack integration provided our team with a easy place to look for quick answers on technical stuff the team always needs. Commands, credentials, quick answers on issues."

"Do not be afraid to ask for help from the Obie staff. I've been in IT for 6+ years now and they have one of the fastest and best support groups I've worked with in my time. They want to make sure the product is working FOR YOU and FOR YOUR TEAM."

"One of the biggest problems is sharing common information between the team members, test credentials, database connection details, useful commands and step by step guides. Obie provided information for my team on the go and with easy access."

"It's like having your own assistant. Obie is able to help you with many tasks with natural interactions. It's seamless."


How to deploy Obie into your DevOps workflow


Connect integrations or build an internal knowledge base from scratch

Google Drive (Standard & Team Drives)

Google Drive

(Standard & Team Drives)

Obie will search file names, content within files (Docs, Slides, PDFs, images etc.) and even text within images.

Confluence (Cloud & Server)


(Cloud & Server)

Within Confluence, Obie will search the titles and content of pages, and titles of files in file lists.

PremiumJira Software (Cloud & Server)

Jira Software

(Cloud & Server)

Obie lets you route issues to Jira Software based on missing knowledge.



Within GitHub, Obie will search file path and content within selected code repositories.

Built InObie FAQs

Obie FAQs

Build a library of FAQs directly within Obie. When searching, Obie will look at the ‘question’ and ‘answer’ portion of FAQs.

Built InObie Wiki

Obie Wiki

Use the built in wiki to codify processes for your team. Obie searches the title and full body of pages.

Browser Extension

Browser Extension

Access knowledge in the Flow of Work



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Create, search and sync Jira issues in Slack

Create, search and sync Jira issues in Slack

When self-serve knowledge is insufficient for resolving a productivity blocking issue, a common next step is to escalate the issue by formally adding it to the queue in Jira. Obie allows users to create and follow Jira Issues without ever leaving Slack.

  • Ideal for bug tracking and issue management
  • Automatic sync and notifications
  • Also compatible with Jira Service Management
Make Confluence documentation more accessible

Make Confluence documentation more accessible

Quickly reference your Confluence wiki and more with Obie at your fingertips. Obie enables you to access Confluence without leaving Slack or opening another browser tab with the Obie browser extension.

Obie also returns Confluence content previews that are relevant to your query when you search - so you won't even need to open Confluence to get the answer you need.

Capture information as you scale

Capture information as you scale

With Obie, capturing knowledge is easy. Turn conversations into a library of FAQs to reduce repeat questions in the future and accelerate onboarding. This enhances your existing knowledge stores for when you need a knowledge format optimized for speedy access of frequently reused information.

Eliminate knowledge gaps by having Obie suggest answerless questions from your Slack conversation history.


Accelerate Internal Support

Build a scalable internal support process that lasts. Reduce FAQs, enable self serve support and improve SLAs with Obie.

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Our Customers Love Obie

Obie uses AI-powered technology to empower more people across your teams to get the right answers, fast.

Mohammed Dajani

Mohammed Dajani

Senior IT Manger, Cvent

Obie has been a great addition to our team. Obie has helped prevent tickets from happening in the first place by providing instant answers. Our engineers also love it because of its slick integration with Slack and Jira. This has contributed to overall better user experience and customer satisfaction.

Sarah Wilkins

Sarah Wilkins

Customer Success Manager, Podium

I love the quick access to information and not having to wait for a human to respond. Giving our team access to Obie keeps our support team from having to constantly respond to questions. This frees them up to handle our customers in a more timely manner.

Adam Maxfield

Adam Maxfield

Sales Trainer, Lendio

Obie has made managing constant changes easier than ever. With a constantly changing environment, Obie has helped tremendously in keeping our sales reps up to speed with the correct information. This has allowed them to query customer questions and receive the answers they need in-the-moment.